Goal and Purpose of Program

This week, you will describe the program and identify the right division for the program.
In a Microsoft Word document, create a 2- to 3-page report covering the following:
Develop the purpose of your proposed program to address the growing rate of diabetes. Be sure to develop a purpose that is consistent with one of the core functions of public health and includes at least one of the ten essential functions of public health.
Develop at least two, and no more than five, key objectives of the program. The objectives should be measureable and time bound.
Describe the key components or activities of your proposed program; for example, health education materials or screening.
Identify the division or department that should house the new program. Justify your choice.
Explain the proposed services of the new program.
Support your responses with appropriate research, scholarly references, and specific examples.
Cite all sources in APA format.

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