2 parts task

2 parts task

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Assessment task 2 60%: this a top high assessment so I urge you please to do your best and follow the instructions carefully:

Part 1(1400 words)
is to do the following:
1 to 5 should be done on the article provided (Edward.pdf) as well as the attached readings only
1. Clearly outline the background context to the problem 300 words
2. Succinctly articulate the problem itself 150 words
3. Identify the research approach taken and the underlying assumptions 350 words This requires an analysis of the assumptions, or research approach, or philosophy, which underlies the study.
4. Critique the study’s literature review identifying gaps and other possible areas to address 350 words
5. Evaluate the study and its usefulness and relevance to the language studies field. 300 words

Part 2(1400 words)
is divided in 4 sections:
Writing a new Research Proposal
Pretend that you are the researcher – what would be your proposal to study this particular problem? What would be different?

…identify and articulate (briefly) the problem that is covered in the article and summarise why it is worthy of research

1. the context has 3 parts (300 words)
a) identify the country, place, institution, people
b) add further information which will assist the reader to understand the context
c) state why you are researching this issue

2. succinctly articulate the problem itself (150 words) state the research questions

3. Literature Review (500 words)
– starts with Preview paragraph
– organised by themes [ideas]
•The purpose of your literature review is to inform you and the reader about the study and to develop an argument for your particular perspective and approach.
•Provide a literature review which systematically surveys existing research relevant to
the topic, identifying multiple research approaches and form of evidence appropriate to addressing the problem.

4.Methodology – Research approach (500 words) including:
a) Design
b) Data Collection
c) Data Analysis

Please note that I am Saudi English language teacher if that might help in the work.

Background to the problem is clearly articulated 10%
The problem is clearly identified 10%
Critique of the literature review: Acknowledges the complexity of the problem and is well snthesised 25%
Evaluation of the research is substantiated 25%
An alternative approach Is presented with justification 20%
Cohesiveness and accuracy of writing and APA referencing10%

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