Accounting plan for a starting business

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Topic: Aor a starting business

Paper details:

Two files (Word Document + Excel Spreadsheet).

? Write a plan for a starting business
¦ Scope = 5 years, per quarter

? Project Content (please follow this schedule):
1. Description of the project
2. Evolution of the market and your market share (5 years, per quarter)
3. Quick and dirty break even calculation
4. ABC approach to define the costs of the different products
5. 5 year budget, including financial structure (per quarter)
6. Calculation of the NPV of the project
7. Any additional issues (free)
8. Evaluation of the project and team spirit
9. Supporting documents (Excel)

? Deliverables:
¦ One pdf document (chapters 1-9)
¦ The 5 year budget (spreadsheet)

PS: ¦ Calculations part should be much longer than the written part. ¦ Chapters 3-4-5-6 are critical

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