Adult Development and Learning Paper

The purpose of the adult learning paper is to help you formulate an understanding of adult learning and its relationship to leadership. The paper will include your understanding of adult learning principles and theory based on research. It should also reflect upon both your personal development as a learner and leader as well as how you can create a constructive learning environment for followers. The paper should be 9-10 pages in length and must have a minimum of 12 references that come from sources other than those included in the class readings. This paper will address the following questions or issues:1) Analyze the relationship between adult learning and adult development.
2) Describe a theoretical foundation or model for adult learning that most influences your understanding of adult learning.
3) Compare and contrast two models of adult learning and development. Provide strengths and weaknesses of each model as it is viewed by researchers and practitioners.
4) Describe how understanding adult development and learning can influence leadership.
5) Conclusion

scholarly articles must be peer re viewed there must be a reference page APA format I have ten other papers. So lets get this wright!!! to continue with business

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