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Discussion: The Origins of Buddhist Iconography
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Buddhism originated in India with the death of Siddharta Gautama in c.483. His teachings spread and, with the adoption of Buddhism in India as the state religion, Buddhist arts began to flourish. Who is responsible for the growth of Buddhism in India? What are the different styles and representations of the Buddha at this early stage? How do these styles change over time?

Chaitya Hall
The Chaitya Hall was a common format for worship in India. Discuss the three Chaitya Halls you have learned in this unit in terms of its style and meaning.

Sculptural Bodies
Depictions of the body changes according to its function within visual culture and with the skill of the carver. Discuss the different ways in which the body is depicted and any types of stylistic variations that create these differences.

Outside Influences
The empires of India expanded and contracted over time. Discuss the various styles in early Indian sculpture and how outside influences might have played a role in them. Identify what those influences were and how they’re manifested in Indian visual culture.


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