Arbitration Law

Arbitration Law
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1. All propositions referred to in the coursework paper must be supported by an appropriate reference to a case, statute, book, article or another authority.

2. The maximum overall word limit is 4,500 words. You are allowed to deviate from this up to the maximum of +/-10% of the specified word count. Otherwise the limits must be adhered to. Each submission must include a word count. Words in title page and bibliography are not included in the word count.

3. The coursework assignment consists of two components: the legal problem question and the essay topic.
There is a guideline word count assigned to each of the components: 3,500 words to the legal problem question and 1,000 words to the essay topic. These word count guidelines are approximate and you may, to some extent, deviate from them, as long as the overall word limit for both questions (4,500 words) is adhered to. If there is a substantive connection between the two questions, there is no need to repeat the same analysis/ideas twice; students are allowed to refer to other parts of their coursework where necessary.

4. OSCOLA standard of citation must be followed throughout the coursework – a separate guideline for OSCOLA has been attached separately. Footnotes must be included in the coursework. A bibliography must appear at the end of the coursework; there should be only one bibliography for the whole coursework.

5. The bibliography must contain all relevant material consulted by the writer, and material in the bibliography should be arranged under the following headings:
– Case Law
– Legislation
– Books
– Articles
– Internet resources
– Other resources

6. Footnotes must be used for referencing and further reading only and should contain as little text as possible.

7. Failure to submit the completed coursework assignment properly or will result in the student’s scoring zero for the assignment.

8. Any deviation from the above guidelines will be penalised, either by a zero score or a lower mark.

9. Two important preliminary steps in writer’s analysis would include the following:
a) Identification of juridical seat of arbitration, in light of the applicable law, applicable arbitration rules as well as case law
b) Identification of the relevant arbitral institute

10. Expressions should be based on facts, not conjectures.

11. Given the international nature of this arbitration, some consideration of subsequent enforcement will be appropriate.

12. Credit is given for in-depth research, clear evaluation and critique of the issues relevant to the assignment.

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