Architecture, Building and Planning

Architecture, Building and Planning
Must use Drip & Dry Documents included

1. Examine your table. You correctly state the capacity is 20 lbs but you listed 2 machines are required for 20 and 3 for 40 and so on. Adjust this.

2. You need an in text citation for your washing machine capacity and expenses.

3. You have the right start on the equation but you need to define “e” and “M” using piecewise inequalities. See the project resource for “Piecewise Functions” to help with this.

4. For the graph the piecewise pieces should stop and start to reflect the revenue. So at 20 lbs the revenue stops at 11.03. Then the next bar woulthree (3) sheets or more of research and analysis describing, dissecting, and presenting the unique qualities of the project. You should include plans, sections, and diagrams. (include graphic scale)

One (1) sheet including one or more of the following: drawing/ diagram/ exploded axonometric created by you to explain a critical component of the project. which means a summary of what did on the first part which is the research. this should be the chart

and for the sources you can use as much as you need

Below is the list of projects from which you may choose for your case study
Steven Holl MIT Simmons Hall (Dorms)
Rag Flats – Onion Flats
IBA Housing – OMA
Art Stable – Olson Kundig
Wozoco – MVRDV
Mirador – MVRDV
Mountain Dwelling – BIG
Timberyard Social Housing / O’Donnell + Tuomey Architect
8 House – BIG
Piazza at Schmidts – EM Architecture d start after 20 and show the correct revenue.

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