First photo:Jasper Johns (b. 1930), Racing Thoughts, 1983.
Second photo: Byron Kim (b. 1961), Synecdoche
Paragraphs 1: Describe the central works .The first paragraph should introduce both works, giving brief descriptions and impressions. Name the materials that comprise the work; how are they put together; how are they transformed with the relationships of or application of other materials (such as paint). Discuss the objects relative scale without citing measurements. Apply the vocabulary words: scale, color, shape, texture, placement.

Paragraph 2: What meaning is evoked by this material descriptions of paragraph one. What feelings, thoughts and observations are evoked in you; what emotional reactions do you have to the works. In the Jasper Johns painting, who are the people in the painting (and why are they there, why are they significant, or what are each of them known for?), what are the objects? Describe how they are placed? In the Byron Kim, what does this piece draw attention to in absence of a recognizable likeness?

Paragraph 3: How do each of these qualify as portraits? In other words, what aspects of the self or a person do each of these works draw attention to? How can you make the argument that they are portraits?

Paragraph 4: Place the work in a historical context, continuum and current events. How does Byron Kim’s work illuminate any current events out country is now facing? Does Johns’ work simulate the experience of looking into a computer screen?

Paragraph 5: Conclusion: What personal connection, do you have to these works:? What do you think about the work? What are your personal feelings about the work? Does it challenge ideas of what is painting, or how you see the world around you? If so, how? If not, why not? What about notions of gender? How do you feel about the works you analyzed? What do you respond to? How do these works change your understanding of what it means to create a portrait?

Suggestions: In the best papers, the progress and flow of the writer’s thoughts are apparent. The reader can understand the writer’s thought process. I am interested in seeing how you arrive at your conclusions with an active and critical thinking unfold throughout the paper. Ask questions and try to answer them, if you can’t explain why. What doesn’t make sense about the work? What questions do you have that can’t be answered? What is confusing or ambiguous?
Rubric: ?5 points: Answers questions above? 5 points: Paper is coherent, follows structure above? 5 points: Language, style, proofreading ?5 points.

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