Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

discussed music and staging. Make your music and staging decisions considering the decisions you made regarding the theme, venue, clothing, makeup, models, press, public relations, invitations, lighting, and runway options for the fashion show.

Create a soundtrack for your show. Remember, Jenny is on a tight start-up budget, so you need to use only royalty-free music clips from the Internet.
Select appropriate music and in a Microsoft Word document, list a minimum of five titles. For each track, include the artist’s name, the genre, the name of the song, and the link (if available) to hear the track. Or you may submit music clips in .mp3 or .wav format to the Discussion Area.
This assignment is a continuation of the Molten Lava and should be created with the retailer, the target market.

Included in your document will be the staging guidelines and directions.

Make sure you use MLA format to cite references and use correct grammar, language, and word choice.

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