Article addressing Ethics in psychhology

Article addressing Ethics in psychhology

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Imagine that you have been asked to prepare an online article for a psychology student newspaper on Professional Ethics for the Psychology Student. The online article should be both scholarly (inclusion of citations and references for supporting information), but illustrated through personal examples, and address the following issues:

• Integrity as a graduate student in psychology

• Personal values as they relate to professional ethics

• Multicultural and diversity issues

• Confidentiality

• Boundary and Multiple Relationships

• Community work

• Research For each topic, identify the following:

• Key ethical issues for psychologists

• Areas that were new areas of learning for you within the topic

• Areas that you find still ambiguous or in a state of change

Your article should include an introduction, be well organized with clear sections and subsections, and end with a summary of your conclusions and ideas for future study.

Incorporate your own reflection on how well prepared you are now to ensure your coursework is presented in an ethical manner, specifically as to how you will maintain academic integrity as expected of all NCU students.

Support your paper with 10 outside scholarly resources. Seven of these resources should be research articles published in peer reviewed journals within the past seven years. The other three resources can be scholarly resources of your own choice.

8) Did NAFTA have an impact on the migration of undocumented workers (“illegal immigration”) to the US? How?

9) If a country is facing a debt crisis, it often borrows money from the International Monetary Fund. Sometimes, the IMF lends money along with some “conditions” attached to the loans. What are 3 such conditions that the IMF usually specifies? In your opinion, are these conditions appropriate? Why or why not?

10) Firms can increase profits by either lowering the cost of production or increasing the value of their product (and charging a higher price). In order to do the latter, firms must differentiate their product in some way so that consumers value it more than the products made by competitors and are therefore willing to pay a premium price for it.
(a) Name an international firm that follows the differentiation strategy.
(b) Name one that follows the cost-reduction strategy.
(c) Which of these strategies will work best for a firm that is selling furniture in the global market? Explain your answer.

11) Firm A, Firm B and Firm C are all multinational corporations that manufacture goods. Firm A operates in an industry where the pressure to reduce costs is high, but the pressure to be responsive to local markets is low. Firm B operates in an industry where the pressure to reduce costs is low, but the pressure to be responsive to local markets is very high. Firm C operates in an industry where both pressures are high.
(a) Give examples of 2 real-life firms that most resemble Firm A. Explain your reasons for picking these firms.
(b) Give examples of 2 real-life firms that most resemble Firm B. Explain your reasons for picking these firms.
(c) What kind of strategy should Firm C follow (standardization, international, transnational or localization)? Why?

12) What is your opinion about the restructuring of Google? Base your response on the assigned readings.

13) You are the CEO of a firm that has developed a new medical product and is planning to sell it in Europe. Your company has the ability to invest in its own manufacturing facilities, but it will have to incur a major cost to do so. Which one of the following is your best option? Why? I want you to explain your answer using the concepts you learnt in the class. I am not looking for your personal “gut-feel” opinion.
(a) manufacture the product yourself in the U.S. and use foreign sales agents to do the marketing.
(b) manufacture the product yourself in the U.S. and set up a wholly owned subsidiary to do the marketing
(c) set up a 50-50 joint venture with a European firm, manufacture the product through the venture, and have your European partner do the marketing.

14) What, in your opinion, are the lessons of NUMMI for US manufacturing firms? Base your answer on the podcast I had asked you to listen to.

15) Imagine that you are teaching a class on International Management and are setting a final exam for the class. You want your students to write two essays that are each 1,000 words long. What questions will you ask them? Make sure that each of your questions is at least 200 words long. Include a word count.

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