Assessment Folio

Assessment Folio
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Assessment overview

This assessment task is the second component of your Folio for this unit. In this second Folio submission, the focus is on your capacity to apply what you have learned in regard to teaching English in the primary classroom. Across a range of components of the task, you will demonstrate your attainment of the unit’s learning outcomes, and your capacity to generate plans and resources for your future practice as a teacher of English.

Related learning objectives:

This assessment will help you achieve the following learning outcomes:

demonstrate and communicate an understanding of teaching English, including language acquisition and literacy development
analyse pedagogical approaches in teaching and learning of English in the Primary classroom
generate plans of lessons/units of work that reflect relevant and current curriculum documentation and contemporary pedagogical approaches including the use of ICT
analyse a range of assessment strategies and record keeping instruments within English in terms of their purpose, benefits, limitations and implementation constraints.

Assessment details

There are a number of interrelated components for this Folio submission. Central to all components is the development of a unit of work in English. You will then supplement this unit plan with additional statements, articulating specific aspects of the design of the unit. Your folio must comprise all of the following:

1. Unit plan [1,250 words equivalent]. Write a plan for a unit of work in English. The length of the unit should be four weeks, with four lessons per week. In determining a focus for your unit, you should choose one strand from the Australian Curriculum: English, and a year level (from year 3-6). Select one or more Content Descriptions from this strand and year level, as the key area(s) of focus for your unit. Use the words in bold as sub-headings to present your plan, which must include:

The year level and strand (e.g. Year 6: Literature)
A statement of intended learning outcome(s) (what do you want students to know, understand and be able to do at the end of the unit?). Each outcome should be presented as a dot point.
A brief overview of the unit as a whole – the key aims of the unit, and the focus of each week
(no more than 100 words).
An overview of each lesson within the unit (this can be presented in table format, and/or incorporate bullet points) – aim for no more than 50 words per lesson. Include in this table, or list, the key activities for each lesson. (This will make up the bulk of your plan.)
A list of resources you intend to use to support students’ learning within the unit (including
texts, tools, ICT). Be aware that your list must be specific. For instance, rather than listing ‘a picture book’ you must name the specific picture book you intend to use.
An overview of the methods of assessment (formative and summative) that will be used to
monitor and evaluate students’ learning, along with any record-keeping instruments that will be used.

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