AT WK5 hw

AT WK5 hw

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***Please see questions below and answer in numerical order. Thanks

1. There are four (4) types of bone marrow transplants listed in your textbook. List each type of transplant, define the word parts, and provide a definition of the term.

2. For each of the following terms, do the following: (1) define the word, (2) breakdown the following words into their individual word parts, and (3) define each word part:
a. psychoneuroimmunology
b. phagocytosis
c. immunodeficiency
d. herniorrhaphy
e. cholelithiasis
f. gastroenteritis

3. What are the medical terms for the following conditions:
a. bloody stool
b. vomiting
c. runny stool
d. teeth grinding
e. heartburn

4. Name the diagnostic procedures used to diagnose the following diseases. Break each procedure into its component word parts.
a. colon cancer
b. gastric ulcers

5. Name the surgical procedures used to treat the following conditions. Break each procedure into its word parts.
a. appendicitis
b. abdominal hernia

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