Bad News Communication (No Broken English)

Find an article about a company that had to deliver a communication of bad-news to its constituents or the general public. The bad-news message could be a result of one of the following situations:
i.A product defect or failure

ii.A reduction in workforce

iii.An under-performing financial quarter

iv.A new but unpopular policy such as a pricing strategy
Write a paper demonstrating clear, insightful critical thinking on the proper approach to delivering bad-news messages.

Review the components of bad-news messages: ease in with a buffer, provide a rationale, deliver the bad news, explain impacts, focus on the future and show goodwill.

a.Which components are included in the bad-news message you are reviewing? Which are missing that should have been included? Explain.

b.How well did the bad-news message meet the needs of the victims and other stakeholders?

c.Do you believe the communication was completely fair? Explain.

d.What are three aspects of the bad news message that could have been improved? Explain.

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