Bad Sex Media Bingo

Bad Sex Media Bingo
Go to and familiarize yourself with the project.
.Then go to: to read an explanation of each square.
.Then choose your favorite TV show, movie, or documentary that deals with sex or includes sexual content, and play Bad Sex Media Bingo!
.If you want to play interactively, go to:
.Then, after reading these instructions, answer the following questions in ESSAY FORMAT. Be sure the paper is detailed and uses examples from the film/show you watched to back up the arguments and analysis you are making.

1-Which media did you watch (name of TV show/film)?
2-What was the premise of the show/film?
3-How many bingo squares did you cover?
4-Which squares did you cover and WHY? (be sure to give a detailed explanation as to why you covered those squares using specific examples from the show/film. Be sure to make connections to class discussions and the OCR).
5-Make an overall assessment: Did the show/film challenge a lot of the stereotypes around sex that we see in the media? Or did the show replicate/repeat a lot of the same stereotypes that we are constantly fed in the media around sex?

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