Based on your self-awareness, explain which three (3) Holland themes

1. Thoroughly read the section on the models of career choice. Based on your self-awareness, explain which three (3) Holland themes (based on personality orientations) best fit you. Then identify the Super developmental stage that is the best fit for your current career development. Explain why in 2-3 sentences, using at least 5 key terms from Chapter 13.

2. Use the following link, read the instructions, follow the prompts and complete the Interactive Holland’s Assessment (RIASEC Codes). The Holland codes are related to the six themes identified in the textbook. (Links to an external site.)

3. After completing the assessment, review your results (which will look like the image on the attached document), and tell what your Holland RIASEC code is, then explain what it means using terms from Chapter 13. Compare the codes your results showed to those that you identified in the first portion of this assignment (above). Discuss how this relates to the current Super developmental stage you identified for yourself, and how the next stages might be affected by your identified Holland codes. You should use at least 10 terms from Chapter 13.

***Make sure to highlight, underline, or make bold all of the key terms.

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