Bio-psychosocial/spiritual assessment with eco-map and genogram

Bio-psychosocial/spiritual assessment with eco-map and genogram
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Bio-psycho-social-spiritual Assessment: A template that must be used is provided. SWI will use critical thinking and social work assessment skills to identify and analyze bio-psycho-social-spiritual factors in a practicum client case or on another person that they are able to assess. The key skills you will be asked to use and demonstrate in your paper are the following: Critical thinking skills enable you to distinguish between your own preconceived ideas and beliefs, and knowledge that you have gained from systematic inquiry and thinking; skills in applying the bio-psychosocial framework to a problematic life space allow you to gather comprehensive data concerning biological, psychological and social factors, and their interactions, as the basis of social work assessment; skill in seeing and specifying key problems in a life space in terms of the problems in fit between the needs and capacity of the individual(s) and the demands and opportunities of the environment allows you to complete a social work assessment that captures the transactional nature of person-in-environment reality and the skill of self-awareness in the context of your professional work allows you to identify and better manage the normal emotional reactions and value judgments you bring to the problematic life-space, which can color what and how you see that life-space. *** Include a Genogram of at least 3 generations and an Eco-Map. For the genogram, you must use which is free for 15 days. You must include a title and legend for your genogram for full points. You must copy and paste the genogram and eco-map into the last two pages of the bio-psychosocial assessment for full points.
This is what should be included in the assessment:


IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: (Age/Gender/Race, give much detail here):

PAYOR: (insurance type)

PRESENT PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESS/SYMPTOMS: (Including current and past psycho-social stressors

BASIC NEEDS & CONCERNS: (Include transportation & housing concerns):

PAST HX OF OUTPATIENT TX/COUNSELING: (Including psychiatric admissions/suicide or violent behavior):

MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATIONS: (current or previous use including effectiveness):
MEDICAL CONCERNS: (Include history of conditions, current conditions, treatment for conditions & disability restrictions):
DEPENDENCE/ADDICTION HISTORY (Include Present use/Drug of choice/Age of first use/ tobacco & caffeine use):

Period of Abstinence from mood altering drugs (Include time period):

History of 12-step attendance (Include time period):
History of Withdrawal Symptoms:
? None Reported ? AM alcohol/drug use ? Agitation ? Shakes
? Hallucinations ? High Blood Pressure ? Suicidality ? Vomiting
? Violence ? Seizures ?Excessive Sweating ? Nausea
? Anxiety ? Insomnia ? DT’s ?Depression
? Other: ___________________________

History of Intoxification:
? None Reported ? Blackouts ? Bumps/ Bruises ?Chest or Heart Pain
? Distended Abdomen ? Hallucinations ? High Blood Pressure ? Liver Problems
? Loss of Appetite ? Confusion ? Paranoia ? Red Face or Nose
? Slurred Speech ? Swelling ? Vision Problems ? Weight Loss

History of significant Incidents in relationship to Alcohol/ Drugs:
? None Identified ? Family Problems ? Work Problems ? Legal Problems
? Health Problems ? Money Problems ? Automobile Accidents ? Gambling
CULTURAL/ SOCIAL CONSIDERATIONS (Include sexual orientation issues or concerns):
PERSONAL HISTORY: Childhood Hx (abuse/relationship w/parents):
EDUCATION (including attending school/highest grade achieved/do you want more/ learning disabilities):

DEVELOPMENTAL HISTORY (to include developmental age factors, motor development, and functioning, include childhood and adolescence as well):
LEGAL HISTORY (Include current involvement in legal action):
MARITAL/RELATIONSHIPS (Include unstable relationships):
WORK HISTORY: (job history/ what are your aspirations)
TRANSITION/DISCHARGE PLAN: (including person responsible for follow up)
Invitation to Treatment Team: Consumer Response [ ] Accepted [ ] Declined

Therapeutic Interventions Provided:

Services Recommendations and Plan:
The ecomap and genogram are very important.

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