Book Analysis Paper 1 Assignment: Bitter Waters

Book Analysis Paper 1 Assignment: Bitter Waters

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In Bitter Waters, author Gennady Andreev-Khomiakov gave an eyewitness account of life and work in the Soviet Union of the 1930s. After reading this book, answer this question in a 4-6 page paper:

This is the question I need answered below

In addition to telling his own story, the author described the life and work of many coworkers. Based on these stories, what did it take to be successful in the Stalinist Soviet Union? Who, in practice, was the ideal new “Soviet person”? What does this reveal about the fundamental nature of the Stalinist system?

Your answer should be based primarily on evidence from Bitter Waters, and should demonstrate that you have read the entire book.

This paper should have a clear thesis and an argument supported by evidence supplied from the text. In particular, your essay should make a contestable claim. Successful papers will make a clear, developed argument based on close reading. There is no right or wrong answer, so I urge you to be imaginative as you compose your papers. Remember to interpret, not summarize, what the sources say.

I need footnotes and a bibliography, when you paraphrase from a the source bitter waters give credit. I want zero plagiarism in my paper, absolutely ZERO. I need a good clear thesis and solid support for the thesis.

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