Bumba creation choice (Mythology class)

From the given article pls give an explanation why i chose Bumbal creation, and respond to 2 students post (agree/desagree)
Student 1
If I were a mythologist and had to choose one of the stories form the three given, I would choose The Genesis. I think that it has such a lightness and poetic feel to it. I know that I personally grew up as a Christian so this is how I was taught the world was created, however I never took the time to truly appreciate how beautiful this story is. While reading it, I felt very much touched by all of the words. Another reason I liked this one so much, is because of how simple it was to read. Usually works like this are a little difficult to read or understand completely since the language can be very different. With this one I felt I was able to understand each line thoroughly. As far as the actual content, I tried reading it again as someone who would be skeptical of those beliefs and I can see very easily people not believing it. I think sometimes it’s just hard for us as humans to understand things that happened so long ago and provide no proof to them happening. Even with that being said I still believe this passage is a great one and should most definitely be in an anthology that consists of the greatest cosmogonies ever told.
Student 2
I chose to talk about Genesis because as a Catholic, this story made the most sense to me. The form of the story could be considered poetry, however i think it is more historic then anything else. People may argue if it’s one or the other probably because if someone is a non believer, that person will obviously not think it is history. The content of the story is to help us understand how the world was created. It gives us a story that is unimaginable to us but yet religious people still believe it. The context of the story if faith. We have faith in God and believe that God was this great man that made anything possible, such as creating Adam and Eve and seven days of the week, night and day etc. It’s hard for us to understand how the world came about, we have so many scientific theories and different religious beliefs. It’s crazy to think that we will most likely never find out the true story of how humans came to existence.

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