Business Decision Analysis Case Study

Topic: Business Decision Analysis Case Study

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Case: 1. No late cases will be accepted. 2. Grammar/Spelling matters. 3. Answer the questions directly. You are not writing a general essay you are answering specfic questions. I need to be able to tell where one answer ends and another begins. 4. You will work with a team of students and submit the case as a group project. 5. You should research your answers. Simply using class materials and the material in the textbook would not be very impressive research. 6. This isn’t simply about how much you write, 5/6 pages double spaced would seem to be on the long end. 7. I will not help you with the case nor will I tell you if you’re heading in the right direction
whoever did my order last time fucked it up, didn’t do what I asked. i am uploading there work for you to tweak or add to,, and follow the professor insturctions that I will provided below. FROM THIS POINT ON THE WORDS WILL BE DIRECTLY FOR THE PROFESSOR
A student asked how the case should be sent in to me. Here is my answer:
I expected it on word (the regression output can be presented on a spreadsheet). I don’t care about fonts (readable) or margins or title pages. Other people in the program may so don’t use me as a model.

Note references at the end but I don’t care about form/style. It you have any quotes put the reference at the end of the quote – again I don’t really care about form.

I do care about grammar.

Mostly I’m an economist that cares about answers to questions. ^ _ ^

I think my answers to the regression questions on the exam should help you on parts 2 and 3. There is no excuse for not providing complete answers are parts 2 and 3. It’s not a test with a 2 hour plus time limit. On part 1 I expect thought, research, and a complete answer. I think or I did isn’t really graduate level work – want a thought out model. I’m grading you more on the thought that you put in it than whether you come up with my answer. I’m grading parts 2 and 3 based on your model in part 1 not my model. Thus if you have an answer different than mine on part 1 it’s still possible to get a 100% on parts 2 and 3 if the quality of work is there.

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