business report about Ralph Lauren Corporation

report on Ralph Lauren Corporation that focuses on the following aspects:

-financial analysis between 2014 and 2015 (profits, revenue and debts). Also, you need to include graphs, tables and charts (at least 5) for comparison these factors
– Conduct an analysis of the External factors (4-5 factors) that affect this organisation, mainly focusing on the economic factors. This should be backed with data, graphs, and charts and explained in the report.

– Conduct an Internal Analysis (4-5 factors) of the organisation, starting from its objectives, mission, strategy, financial performance, etc.

– It is important that assess the current position of the company, its strength / weaknesses. – You need to highlight the risks could face the organisation in the future.

– Based on the results of your internal and external analysis, you need to come up with some realistic recommendations for this company to consider.

– You need to include appendix pages that include a list of the financial statements of the company which are usually found in the Annual report of the organisation and that can be downloaded from its website. You can use the appendix also to show any calculations you have done (this will not be included in the word count)

– You should also include a list of References that are used to collect information (such as academic journals and scholarly sources); all the referencing should be done according to the Harvard referencing system.

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