Business Studies

Note:use footnote method to cite the sources. this is a group assignment I will send you what we did so far so you will gen an idea about the assignment. while you are writing make sure you the sentences are short and dose not exceed 15 words. I will also other staff like example of student and professor’s requirement for the whole should write about how training will help in recycling and that we are expanding our business to recycling. There are a lot of sawdust and wood chips are generated during our operation at avenger entails. We are planning to recycle these waste which will in fact have a lot of benefit for our company and environment in general. you should write about how training program help in recycling business. and you should talk about the following points too to support our argument. We have a lot of waste generated during our operation so we are planning to expand our business to recycling.
-build knowledge on sustainability practices: 2 or 3 point to support the argument:
– create an awareness on sustainability living.

– promote creative ideas for product innovation: 2 or 3 points for argument.
– laid off workers can create ideas for their own business.
– support long-term living.

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