Capstone Project Proposal

1.Download the Project Outline file and review it to familiarize yourself with the required sections and format of the Capstone Project. As you go through the different sections of the project, think of an organization, industry, or topic that you will pursue in the Capstone Project.
2. Review various courses in the program and identify theories and practices that will be pertinent in analyzing business environments, framing problems, developing solutions, and evaluating alternatives. Remember that the quality of your project is dependent on the breadth and depth of your analyses, research rigor, systematic thinking, attention to details, mastery of prior course concepts, and communication skills.
3.Review the Introduction section of the Capstone Project. The Introduction section is where you will present important background information of your selected organization or industry, including its history, products and services, structure, competitors, and other pertinent facts.
4.Prepare and submit the Capstone Project Proposal (use the Project Proposal Template provided) by the third day of this workshop, in order to give your instructor an opportunity to approve or offer comments for your revision

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