: Christianity in Western Civilization

Religious studies

Topic: Christianity in Western Civilization

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As we know, Christianity plaid a very important role in western civilization. In other words, we can say the ancient western history seems like the history of Christianity.
Here, we are trying to discuss a question: the reason why Christianity became so important and popular in western country in history?
Please research and discuss these 2 points of view:
1) The Kings of empire wanted to use religion to consolidate their territory and to control people’s minds. So, they choose Christianity as their state’s religion, to promote and disseminate it.
2) Christianity is a religion from the people. The reason which makes Christianity became so important and popular is its creed. Be considerate of the people, to make atonement for the people, led the people away from the pain…
Try to make some research about those 2 points of view, choose one to be your thesis, and argue with another one.
You need to have your personal deep thinking of your thesis.

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