compare and contrast the Nevada Constitution and the United State Constitution

a thoughtful and detailed essay, compare and contrast the Nevada Constitution and the United State Constitution. Be sure to include in (but not limit to) discussion of the following areas:
Branches of government
Amendment process
For example the term of offices and requirements in the executive branch in the U.S. compared to the State of Nevada. Notice that some offices are appointed in the federal government but in Nevada we elect our Secretary of State as another example. What is the difference between the Vice-President and Nevada’s Lt. Governor?

Note: The Research Questions in an analytical business report serve as a guide for the entire report. Your research is conducted to answer the questions, which when answered will solve the stated problem (problem statement).
The research questions must be answered by the primary and secondary sources you cite in the report. Human Resources has already provided primary data for you in the form of an employee survey (see the last Module). Over the next week or two, you will perform secondary research (i.e. peer-reviewed journal articles, government surveys evaluating the pros and cons of flexible schedules) to answer the questions you ask this week.

Assignment Example: You May Use the Example Below for Guidance

Written below is an example of what you would submit for this assignment. The scenario for this example is that Acme Hay wants to purchase a new fleet of trucks. Research is necessary to determine whether to purchase Ford, Dodge, or Chevy trucks for its fleet. The problem and purpose statement examples, as well as the research questions, are based on that scenario. Note that the headings are differentiated (bolded) from the main text an all major words in the headings are capitalized.

Problem Statement

Should Acme Hay purchase Ford, Dodge, or Chevy trucks for its fleet of trucks?

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this report is to determine what brand of truck – Ford, Dodge, or Chevy – Acme Hay should purchase for its fleet of trucks.

Research Questions

1. Which trucks would employees prefer to driver?

This question will be answered using an employee survey, a form of primary research.

2. What are the costs of the Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks?

This question will be answered using Ford, Dodge and Chevy dealership website searches, a form of secondary research.

3. What are the safety features of each brand of truck?

This question will be answered using company specification sheets, a form of secondary research.

4. What are the evaluations of each brand of truck according to Consumer Reports and Car and Driver?

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