Computer science

Computer science

This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice building a Web page. From this web page you will learn the necessary HTML tags needed for assignment #5. Using the reference material in the Lessons and Resources provided at the course Web site and available at other sites on the Internet, your task is to create a single Web page (filename: “mypage.html”), and upload it (eventually, when you are done it) to the directory specified in Assignment #3.

Marking Scheme for My Page

This web page must contain all of the following items:

XML Coding (Use the template provided) (1 Mark)
A title (1 Mark)
A heading (1 Mark)
A background colour using the hexadecimal coding scheme in the <body> tag. (1 Mark)
At least one image. (1 Mark)
One paragraph of text (see CONTENT below). (2 Marks, 1 for content, 1 for correct use of tag)
A horizontal rule. (1 Mark)
A break tag. (1 Mark)
Bold text. (1 Mark)
Italic text. (1 Mark)
A link to an external Web address (ex. (1 Mark)
An internal link “Back To Top” from the bottom of the page to the top. (1 Mark)
Your University of Windsor e-mail address clearly visible on the page. (1 Mark)
A “mailto:” link for sending e-mail to you. (1 Mark)
An unordered list. (1 Mark)
An ordered list. (1 Mark)
A table. (1 Mark)
Proper use of indentation and spacing. (1 Mark)
Proper internal documentation (comment, <!- –> tag). (1 Mark)
Rules to follow for your “My Page” AND Final Project (Assignment #5)

1. When using colour parameters only hexidecimal values will be accepted for specifying a color. Use the # sign with all hexidecimal colour codes.

2. Capitals are not accepted when naming a file or within a command. Everything that is not text (content) must be in lowercase. Tags, especially, must be in lower case.

3. A complete page is a page with at least 7 to 8 lines of content “text” and at least one picture and a back link. Spelling, grammar and coherency count! Text must be normal size full screen 7 to 8 lines in order to qualify (A page with big letters of 7 lines doesn’t work). A page lacking sufficient content will lose one mark (up to a maximum of 5 marks).

4. Watch the order of tags while closing.

5. Keep backgrounds consistent throughout the site.

6. When making thumbnails, the use of height and width parameters is not permitted to resize your image files. Only resizing the image to thumbnail size using Paint Shop Pro or another graphics editor is acceptable. Otherwise you will have a major slowdown in page loading time. NOTE: make sure you still include height and width attributes in your image tags with the actual dimensions of the images.

7. Any type of advertising whatsoever is unacceptable.

8. Any type of pornography or nudity whatsoever is unacceptable.

9. Refer to the A.U.P. (Acceptable Use Policy) at the University.

10. Make sure you aren’t missing quote marks around attribute value specifications (anywhere you use something=”something”)

11. As a page is a full body it cannot be dismembered. It will always have one HEAD and one BODY in that order.

12. Pages will be viewed at 1024 X 768 resolution at full screen in MOZILLA FIREFOX!

13. All images and personal files must be in your 60-205 directory/electron account. If it’s yours, it had better be in there. No images linked in from outside sources. Do not make separate folders/directories for images. All addressing must be relative. (Without path names.)

14. A page of 1 and a half screens or longer MUST have internal links and targets.

15. Every page (file) must have a title.

16. Tables and images that scroll off the screen to the right will be penalized.

17. Every page has an image. Marks will be deducted each time an image is missing. Pay attention to these deductions, as they can quickly add up!

18. Absolutely no spaces in any file names.



Definition of Content

While it is true that some Internet sites may have many pages which contain simply lists, statistics, lists of links, or images and the like, for the purpose of this project, content is considered to be a minimum amount of text, in paragraph form. The reason for this is simple: The WWW is a communications medium, which has the ability to allow anyone to present information to the rest of the world easily, and rapidly. However, the most important part of presenting a message is that you must actually have a message to present. Make your text relevant, flowing smoothly, and easy to read. This will keep your user’s interest, which is your ultimate goal.

As a simple guide to how much text is required for “content”, anything the size of the above paragraph (written in your own words, of course) would qualify.
The six Web pages are to be designed according to the specifications below. Your collection must have one home page (called “index.html”) and five pages of related information stored as separate document files. Use the “template.html” as a starting point for all of your pages.

Web Pages for Final Project

Home Page/Index Page (“index.html”)
Your home page will be created in either one of the following layouts (A or B):

Layout A: Links ACROSS THE TOP
Home Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Citation Page
Content here!

Content here!
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Citation Page
Included on the home page will be three paragraphs of content about you. The first paragraph will be aligned to the left, the second paragraph will be aligned in the middle, and the third paragraph will be aligned to the right.

You must include at least 1 image on this page. Be sure to cite any images that you use.
Page 1 – Your Schedule/Timetable
Use a table to create a visually pleasing view of your University Schedule.
Include the following for each class: name, time(s), exam date/time, and an image representing the class. Be sure to cite any images that you use.
Page 2 – Your favourite music, food, and other interests.
Use the three types of lists to create ones on your favourite music, food, and other interests. (3 different lists in total)

You must include at least 1 image on this page. Be sure to cite any images that you use.
Page 3 – Image Map
For this web page you are going to create an image map with at least 3 click-able regions. Each region will lead to an external web site.
Page 4 – Feedback Form
For this web page you are going to create a user-friendly feedback form.

At the bottom of this page will be your e-mail address (visible and usable).

You must include at least 1 image on this page. Be sure to cite any images that you use.

Citation Page

Use this page to give credit to all of your sources of information and/or images used in your web site assignment.

Marking Scheme for Final Project

The following is a breakdown of the marking scheme for the final part of the project. Please read through the lessons on this Web site and check the Announcements for further information regarding the project. This final part of the project is worth 25% of the overall mark for the 60-205 class. All content must be original work of the student. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Required Elements (25 Marks)
Home Page (“index.html”) (4 marks)
Page 1 – TABLE (4 marks)
Page 2 – FAVOURITES (4 marks)
Page 3 – IMAGE MAP (5 marks)
Page 4 – FORM (5 marks)
Citation Page (3 marks)

Content & Aesthetics (8 Marks)
Marks in this section will be based on the quality of the material presented in the Web project. The project must contain a minimum of 6 pages with genuine content on them. (2 marks)
Marks in this section are also based on the spelling and grammar in the project. (2 marks)
Marks in this section will be based on the presentation and general appearance of the Web project. The pages should be easy to read, and have some visual appeal without distracting from the information presented. The information presented in the pages should be easy to locate within the pages. The images and colours chosen for the pages must be appropriate for the subject matter being presented. (4 marks)

Construction (17 Marks)
Marks in this section will be based on the HTML coding of the Web Project.
Information on proper HTML construction will be available in the Lessons and the course textbooks of this course.
Links not working between pages, six mark deduction.
There will be a one mark deduction for each of the following HTML errors (up to 17 marks):
Using deprecated (old) tags
Using more than one <body> tag
Missing a closing </body>,</title>,</head>, or </html>
Improperly closing a <br />, <hr />, or <img /> tag
Not using the boilerplate provided
Improper indentation
Improper spacing
Missing comments on every page
Images not on server
Improper file names, folders used, and/or not loading automatically
External links not working on image map
Improper nesting or missing closing tags
Background colour NOT using #RRGGBB format
Please be very mindful of copyright and plagiarism. If you are using material or ideas from other sources, you must indicate it. We need to know that your work is original and not just a copy and paste of something that already exists on the Internet. If you do submit work as original, and we determine that it has been copied, appropriate academic actions will be taken.

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