Conflicts and Negotiations

Conflicts and Negotiations

1. Conflicts and Disputes
What are the distinguishing characteristics of a conflict versus a dispute?
2. Styles and Methods of Negotiation
List the five instinctive responses used in negotiation and describe how each of these applies you.

3. Positional Negotiation
In business disputes, what two items are most likely to dominate a position-based negotiation?
4. Principled Negotiation
a. Summarize the seven elements of principled, interest-based negotiations presented in the textbook.
b. How does focusing on these elements assist the negotiation process?

5. Range of Options
What are the various items along the spectrum of ADR systems between Litigation and negotiated settlements?

6. Settlements
Why do businesses have incentives to settle disputes rather than relying on jury verdicts in the litigation process?

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