Contemporary Issues in International Business

Contemporary Issues in International Business
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“Evaluate the key recent developments within a global industry of your choice, and their impact on international firms, making clear links to themes covered within lecture topics 2 to 8 on the CIIB module”.

Guidance – see FAQs below

Do I need to cover all 8 lecture topics ?

No. You are expected to identify topics of particular relevance to your industry. You should identify a small number of themes (maybe 2 or 3), so as to allow for depth of analysis.

How specific should the themes be ?

They could be as broad as the whole lecture topic, or preferably they could be a sub-topic from within the whole lecture topic, such as say production offshoring within the lecture topic Global Production Networks & Offshoring. A focussed topic, where appropriate, allows for more depth of analysis.

Are the themes separate boxes ?

No. For instance the influence of the state may be an issue that could be a factor in a number of other issues, as well as an issue itself. Try and avoid repetition – you can cross reference between sections.

Do I focus on a firm or an industry ?

We have outlined the industry as the level of analysis, but of course you are encouraged to use company examples (and industry examples), to illustrate points made. We recommend that you use one of the case study industries in the Dicken text, chapters 12-17.

How will I keep within the word count ?

You need to be analytical, and concise. You do not need to explain / discuss the meaning of the issues / terms in detail – rather put your focus on the application of the issues to the industry. Also, you can include some evidence in the appendices (make sure you refer to it clearly in the text).

How much focus should there be on theory ?

You are not doing a literature review. You should analyse the themes in your assignment, provide evidence, and also try and relate your findings to some academic articles on the issue concerned. e.g. if 1 of your themes was economic clusters, then you can concisely compare / contrast your findings with academic work on this by say Porter or other writers.

There may not be “frameworks” for each topic – you need to focus on the relevant concepts for each topic, and analyse / apply them to your chosen industry.

How should I be preparing for this assignment ?
1. Identify an industry (agree it with your tutor if it is not one of the industries from Dicken).
2. Collate information on your industry, relevant to the lecture topics.
3. Decide on the key themes to explore in the industry – as a level 6 student, you are expected to take ownership of this, but you can discuss with tutors.
4. Complete a detailed search for the themes identified.
I have enclosed the chapter on the automobile industry as a PDF format. i would like the essay on this industry please. please note its a level 6 essay so extensive research is required. i have also enclosed all the seminar materials and lecture slides. you are free to choose the themes that would be relevant to the industry.

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