Criminal Procedure Assignment

On 26 March 2015 Kevin Nguyen was found dead in a pool of the south end of Hyde Park in Sydney. Nguyen was known t oh ilso ocawl nh bolmooelde sast sauuptopposryt esestravbiclies hperdo vthidaet rsh ea hs ada bheoemne sletasbsb eadlc ofihvoel itci maensd inh ethroei nto rasdod iacnt.d Ahnehdaede pd ekfneinfes ivweo kunnidfe iwno tuhned sc hoens th iws hhiacnhd sp ieanrcde da rmNsg.u Tyehne cause of Addedaitthio wnaasll ya, Nguyen had a black eye and a broken nose which the pathologist estimated
had been caused by punches inflicted up to anA lhioceu, ra bveoflournet eehri sw idthe atthhe. Sotc cVaisniocennst tdhea t PKauevl iNn ighhatd Pvaitsriotel dfo othde vvaann, , toheld hpaodli cbee ethna tw oenar itnhge dniusmtinecrotiuvse bright blue sports shoes.1
cAhlbroien iScu atltcoonh owliacs aannd durnuegm upsleory.e Sdu, ttsoenm lii-vleitde rwatieth, ihnids imgeontoheurs bmuta nh ew ahsoso wciaaste ad Awlitthho huoghm ehlee shsa dp eao hpolem ean, dS uhtteo no frteegnu ldarralyn k and consumed drugs with thema. drinking or drug session with his homeless friends.
iOnn H 1y8d eA Pprairlk 2. 0O1n5e aot f1 t2h.e1 5o fafimce, rps onloicteic oefdf icaenr si nKdeigeenn aonuds Wmraingh ats wleeerpe opna trao pllainrkg abpepnrcoha cclhuetdc,h iOngff iacne r alKmeeons t neomtipcteyd g oboy ntboargch.2 Tlihgahtt mthaant wthase Smuattno nw. aWs hwene atrhinegy
lboroigkhetd blliukee bslpooordts sstahiones.s Tahned othffaict etrsh ew oshkoee Ss uhttaodn saonmd et hber ofowlnlo wminagrk sv etrhbaatl exchange took place:
26 about three weeks ago on Thursday,
touched him u Ip g aa vbeit h. iHm what he deasroeurvnedd .
At that point Officer Keen told Sutton that she would like him to come to the
pOoffliicceer sKtaeteionn caanudti oannesdw Seur tstoonm eth qatu ehseti ohnasd aab oriugth wt htoat rheampapienn seidle ntot bNugtu ytheant. anything he did choose to say could be used in evidence and that it may harm
ihni sc oduerfet n(tchee icf ahuet iroenfu).s ed to mention something that he later sought to rely on
Squutetson 2.20 am, Officer Keen told Sutton that he was under arrest and he was taken to the police station.
1 St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol vans provide daily meals and other essentials to homeless people in Sydney.
2 cask of wine that contains the wine.
That conversation between Sutton and Officer Keen conversation) was not electronically recorded because neith er (tKheee nH nyodre W rPigahrkt vheadrb aptoimrt anbolet erse cion rdhiinsg p eolqicueip-imsseunet nwoitthe btohoekm .w Hhiolew ethveer ,c oOnfvfiecresra tWiornig hbte tmwaedeen Officer Keen and Sutton was taking place.
ACut sttohed y pMoalinceag estra atiloson tothlde SCuuttsoton dtyh aMt haen ahgaedr ac aruigtihotn teod coSmutmtounn icaagtaei nw. itThh ae fproielincde , srteatliaotinv.e S ohre ianldsoe pteonldd eSnutt topenr sthoant ahned h atod ah arvigeh tth teo pceormsomnu nciocmatee twoi thth ae
iladwenyetirf ieadn dh itmo shealvf ea sa lAabwoyreigr inparel saenndt. Tthhaet Chues tdoedcyl inReedc otrhde nooftefesr thtoa t cSountttaocnt someone.
tSou tptoanrt iwciapsa ptela icne da ifno ramna iln itnetrveirevwie wro. oSmut. tOonff itcoelrds tKheeemn ahned w Wasri gtihret da saknedd dSruuttnokn. Officer Keen said:
choice. As we have explained to you, you have the righTth atot irse myoauinr smilaennyt . tiBmuet sy. oYuo u surely can figure out that whether you talk to us or
hnootu, se.
Sutton said:
daytime? Mum has
shceaarret da totafc kcos plasst year. Just go easy on her.
Officer Keen said:
participate in an interview, Of course, if you decide to saebalerc thoi nlega tvhee t hheo suesaer.c hD eupnetnild tihneg moon rnwihnagt. y ou give us, we might be
Seluetctotrno nnioc dadueddi.o O-vfifsicuearl Kreeceonr dcoinmgm eeqnuciepdm tehnet faonrmd acla iunttieornviinegw Sbuyt taocnti vaagtianign tfhoer tshpee ercehc owrads. sTluhrer evdi daenod sehvoewns t hSouutgtohn h eb lweaasry s-eeyaetedd ,a nhdis vpiossibtulyre i nwtaosx iucnasteteda. dHyi.s
Officer Keen asked Sutton the following questions:
Keen: Were you in Hyde Park on the evening of 26 March 2015?
A: Yeah.
Keen: What were you doing?
(no response)
Keen: Did you see someone there that you knew?
(no response)
Keen: Did you see Kevin Nguyen in Hyde Park that night?
A: Yeah.
Keen: How do you know Kevin Nguyen?
(no response)
Keen: Did Kevin Nguyen steal drugs from you?
A: Yep.
Keen: And you were angry at Kevin?
A: Yeah.
Keen: And you attacked him?
A: Yes.
Keen: Tell us what happened.
(no response)
Keen: You punched him?
A: Yeah.
Keen: Several times?
A: Yeah.
Keen: Around the face and chest?
A: Yeah.
Keen: And then you stabbed him?
A: .
Keen: Several times?
A: Yeah.
Keen: And you took his shoes?
A: Yes.
Keen: And what did you do with the knife?
(no response)
is, we will have to execute a
search warrant at your place of residence to look for it. with the knife? What did you do
SAt:a It icohnu.c ked it in a bin in the park. At the edge of the park near Museum
wOint h1 m8 uArdperirl a2n0d1 5h ea wt a2s. 1ta5k eamn toS uthtteo nc ewllass. advised that he would be charged
(AAtL 8S.)0 0 am a new Custody Manager on shift called the Aboriginal Legal Service formally charged, and at 11.00 am Sutton finally met with an ALS lawyer.
That same morning, police searched for the knife in the bins and gardens of
other useful evidence. ody clothes or
Sutton told his lawyer that he did fight with Nguyen but that it was a fist fight.
dDeensipeidte thwahta ht eh ein hteadn dteodld topo kliilcle N, Sguuytteonn. iHnesi sstaeidd tthhaatt hthee d fiidg hnto tw uasse o ab skenrivfee da nbdy tkwnoe wh othmeeirle nssic kdnrianmkeinsg: Jbaucdkod ieasnd Stretch. Sutton said that Nguyen was alive
awth tehne hoeth aenr de nJadc okof thaned p Sartkre. t ch walked away and went to consume a goonbag
conveyed it to police. Police did not investigate the claim that ththee fingehxtt hdaady hboeemne lweistsn espseeodp lbey Jwacitkhoo uant d pSrtoreptecrh . nTahmee pso liwceo uraldti obnea lisferudi ttlheasts seaanrdch, inbge ifnogr
lailmcoitheodl icvsa,l uthee. iAr tt easntyim eovneyn, t,a ssisnucmei nSgu ttthoeny hraedm ecomnbfeersesde da, ntyhtehiirn agc, cwoouunltds bwee oref unnecessary.
The brown stains on . in due course confirmed to be blood
Ahead of the trial and again during the trial, Sutton
tehxec luHdyedde f roPmar ke vicdoennvceer.s Tahtieo ntr iaal njudd gteh ere feulseecdtr. o nically recorded confession
of death. The St aV incent de Paul Night Patrol worker, Alice, identified the shoes that Sutton was wearing when arrested .
ADnNoAt hemra stcchieendti ftioc oNfgfiucyeer ng. a vOe ffeivceidr eWncrieg htht agta bvleo oedvisdteainncse oanb otuhto sthee s hHoyedse wPearrke ceovnidveenrscaet.i Tohne raen wd asth neo eoltehcetrro envicidaellny cere pcroersdeendte dco angfaeisnssito nS utwtoasn . admitted into
Sutton gave evidence at the trial on his own behalf. Sutton explained to the
jsutaryb tNhgatu yheen h. aSdu tato fnis te fxipglhati nweidth t hNagt uhyee no nbluy ta, gdreesepdit eto h cios ncfoenssfe bsseicoanu, shee h dei dk nneowt tohfafitc ehriss bmaontghienrg woonu lhde br ed voeorry aunpds etth eann ds efrairgchhtiennge dth hroavuignhg ha egr rohuopu soef ipno ltihcee middle of the night.
On 27 June 2016, Sutton was convicted of murder.
fYiormu ahreas a bjueneino ri nssotlriucicttoerd inb ya lSauwt tofinrm tos peacdivailsiesi nagb oinu tc rtimhei naplr odsepfeecntcse . foYor uar successful appeal against conviction.
who i haep proached by a homeless man
until he saw photo in the newspaper on the (tdhees pdiatye omf ehdisia c oconvviecrtaiogne.) Stretch explained that he has been a heavy daily drinker and drug-user for
Sdtersectcrihb esda itdhe tfhigaht t haen d wthiten essusrerodu nSduitntogn c irbcausmh stNangcueyes nin isno mMea rdceht ai2l 0in1 5te. rmHse
cwoans firrempeodrt ethda ht ehaev ialyn din S tuhteto pnr easnsd. SJatrcektoch h saadi dt htehna t lethfta tN ngou ykenni feal iwveas, aunsde dw. eHnet ttoha tth Jea coktoh ecor uelndd n ooft cthoen fipramrk t,h we hsetorery t hbeeyc adursaen khe f ohra ds odmieed hoof uar sd.r uSgtr eotvcehr dsoaside six months earlier.
CWahna tS luetgtaoln isaspupeesa wl hoiusl dc ohnavvicet tioo nb?e I fc osnos, idwehraetd wino ualnda lbyes inthge t hlike eplyro rsepseucltts? for success of any appeal?

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