Critical thinking

Consider everything we’ve worked so hard on this semester: developing an interesting introduction, formulating a thesis, providing an appropriate amount of detail and explanation, learning the basics of summarizing/paraphrasing/quoting, understanding the importance of (counter)argument and logic, organizing our paper and paragraphs, using sources to enhance our own voice and build credibility, learning how to use the basics of APA, and improving English grammar and vocabulary. Develop a reflection, using your own papers as a foundation for this. Feel free to use screen shots of drafts as visuals to help me and other readers understand what you’ve learned over the semester.
Consider these and similar questions which you might respond to in formulating your self-reflection:

• Have you changed any of your writing practices as a result of this assigned paper/course? Why?
• How did you respond to constructive criticism in the form of instructor comments, peer reviewer comments, or Writing Center tutor comments?
• How did your writing process help you discover new ideas in this assigned paper/course?
• How exactly have your writing skills improved while writing a paper or during the course?
• How has your newly improved writing process influenced writing assignments that you completed outside of your WRIT course?
• Review the syllabus’s learning outcomes and explain how one or two were achieved during the course or while writing a paper.
• Describe your writing process for one major paper and evaluate the relationship between the stages of the writing process (i.e., pre-writing, first draft, revision, editing, and proofreading) and the quality of the paper.

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