Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology

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be sure to connect more significantly with Anthropology in the post.
be sure to connect more significantly with Anthropology in your post

you will need to post the link or PDF of an article that is related in some way to concepts that we are discussing that particular week in the forum provided on Foxtale. The articles can come from any major English language media source (CNN, BBC, Xinua, Hindustan Times, Al-Jazeera, etc.) You will need to write 250 words (or more) that demonstrates why you think this article relates to the topic, concepts from the book, or examples provided for the week. You will also write a discussion prompt for your classmates to respond to based on questions that emerge from the article or the weekly readings/presentations.

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1.This week we are exploring how various cultures understand power and authority. Cultures organize power in different ways. We will also be examining the concepts of race and ethnicity. Since all human beings have culture and ethnicity, hopefully this conversation will help us understand our own ethnicity and our relationship with the concept of race. All of this fits in well with inequality, since power and ethnicity are often used by cultures as things that contribute to inequality.
2.We all participate in ritual (Pledge of Allegiance, Attending Worship, singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” at a baseball game). This week we will examine different ways that cultures participate in ritual, various types of ritual, various categories of religious belief, and the benefits of religion and ritual.

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