Cyber Terrorrism: The American Response

Cyber Terrorrism: The American Response

Paper details:

Discuss, in the form of a short essay (see below), how the risk associated with the threat of cyber terrorism is being responded to by the US government as per the reading. In addition, provide Canadian context to the topic.
For this paper, you are to focus on the threat of cyber terrorism from the perspective of a threat of attack on American infrastructure (e.g. air traffic, utility systems, etc.) How does this response enhance their national and/or global security? What risk does the American response have on other elements of cyber ethics (e.g. privacy, net neutrality, etc.)? Briefly identify how Canada is responding to the threat in either a contrasting or complimentary nature – identify the key differences between the two national responses (if any) or reinforce the alignments. Has the Canadian government provided the necessary protection to prevent an attack on Canadian infrastructure? Explain.

Please do not invest significant space within your paper explaining the text within the provided article. You should assume that the reader is sufficiently informed in these areas since they will have also read the .pdf file. Your focus should be the analysis of the topic of cyber terrorism, and your analysis of the American response. Be sure to use specific examples and properly cite all references that you use for your response.

Things to Help You with the Essay Assignment Format:
• Each assignment will be a short essay in response to the topic question.
• Essays should be written in a clear and concise fashion
• Responses must follow APA Guidelines in terms of formatting and references. (You do not require an abstract for such a short paper)
• Review the rubric to have a clear understanding of how you will be graded.

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