Data Analysis of Decision Making

Data Analysis of Decision Making

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Assignment 2: Team Project

The team project is a practical exercise in data analysis in a managerial context. It assumes that the various course materials have been studied and understood by you. For this assignment, the rationale is to apply the techniques of the module to more complex and realistic examples than are dealt with in the lecture sessions.

Working in groups of 2-3 individuals, you are required to prepare a report which examines, analyses, models and solves a number of analytical questions concerning real-world data.

The purpose of this project is to allow you to show your ability to apply the theory and approaches developed in the course to formulation and solution of realistic problems amenable to attack by the techniques of Data Analysis. Thus, it facilitates students’ development of particular cognitive skills and competencies, such as teamwork, problem analysis and solution using recognised techniques, applying spreadsheet software to present data and implement statistical tests, interpreting solutions and reporting, and is aligned with the module learning outcomes (detailed in the module outline).
Presentation is very important: include an executive summary for the decision-maker.

Explain your work, including:

· the meaning of concepts, notation, etc.;
· all assumptions made regarding data and population parameters;
· the theoretical basis for tests;
· thinking behind your choices of probability distributions as models;
· your interpretation of the solution in the business context, including any conclusions/recommendations you would make to the decision maker.

In particular, include enough detail of workings to verify your understanding of the technique(s) used. If you explain your thinking, you will be given credit for any good ideas you had, even if you have made a mistake somewhere in the formulation of the ideas.

All students in the assignment team must engage in the exercise. All members are also required to submit an individual paper recording their contribution to the group project. These individual papers should also include reflections and experiences of working on the project within the group context. Reflections should include such elements as how the project contributed to the student’s overall learning on the module, how the group worked together, limitations within the activity, etc.

You should also complete the Team Agreement Form which can be found in the Appendix 3 of this study guide. A student who does not participate in the team project may not receive the team grade.

The length of your submission should not exceed 10 pages, and may be less. Excel workings and additional graphs may be included in an appendix; this appendix and the cover page(s) do not count towards the 10 page limit.

Ensure that all student names, student numbers and the title of this course (Data Analysis for Decision Makers) are clearly stated on the top left hand of the first page of your report. For this assignment, the key standards expected include:

· Knowledge and understanding of key concepts.
· Explanation and interpretation of statistical findings.
· Analysis and level of argument.
· Structure and presentation of the submission, graphs, writing style, etc.

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