Data Anaylysis

Data Anaylysis
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Clinical Data Analysis

Research various data analysis methods

Discuss various data analysis methods

Indicate how you plan to analyze and present findings from your needs assessment survey
Needs Assessment Survey Paper will be attached.

Needs Project:
To developing strategies for patient’s prescription refill replies in less than 24 hours and accurately scheduling patients for follow up visits in a Diabetic Clinic. The audience would be the medical care techs, nurses, and doctors..

• Does it meet the word count (275 or more words not including the reference,)

• is it on topic and concise?

• 3 references needed

• Have you used a reference from a peer reviewed source outside or from the course readings to support your thoughts?

• Have you cited your source where the source is paraphrased or quoted within your text?

• Allow quotes to be appropriately cited, with the page and paragraph the quote came from?

• Formatted in APA 6th edition.

• Provide good American grammar usage and accurate punctuation.

Sentences have structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

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