first of all, this assigmnet is completion of my first order and second order.
it is about SYSTEM ANALYSIS COURSE so the assignment about this field.
my second order the writer was not able to do what i required from him, i think he was not know and able to know the system analysis field so he only what he did is paraphrase my example that i provided.
this time i do not have an example,
so please any writer will accept the order should know exatly what i want and what is requred and the writer should being able to know about system analysis field and the parts that he should do about it. please .

Read the folowing and you will know what is requred
DELIVERABLE 3: ERD, Activity and Class Diagrams Design
In this assignment, Individual group members are required to design an ERD diagram(s) to your use cases from the previous assignment, and the necessary activity diagram(s). Then:
? As a group merge the individual ERDs from each Use Case to produce a system ERD.
? Check the relationships and attributes, and ensure that each entity is in 3NF.
? Map the System ERDs into related class diagrams. The class diagram need to be detailed
enough that can directly mapped into executable high level programming language such
as Java or Smalltalk.
? As a group, make a decision on the system activity diagram(s) to show the action and events as they occur in the system
? Group members are then required to write one full specifications report for this
assignment. The report should include:
i. System ERD
ii. Commentary on the decisions made whilst merging the ERDs
iii. Pick the best Class Diagrams with consensus and reason the selection
iv. A data dictionary describing each table, and each attribute
v. The system activity diagram
vi. A summary of what you have learned from this process

my project about Wall Mart ordering online system, so i will upload now my second delverable which you have to use the use cases as you read above.

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