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An assessment and evaluation of different psychological accounts of depression. Target two or three accounts and analysing their arguments.

Assignments Tips

Tips for Improving your work:

1) Read through your work: This is an obvious point but it makes an enormous difference to the quality of your work when you read through and correct grammatical errors, etc. and to check the coherence of what you’re trying to say.

2) Structuring your Argument: An essay typically operates by setting out its major claims at the beginning and then within the body of the text substantiating these claims. The conclusion typically synthesizes what has been discovered or highlighted within the central arguments. As a rule of thumb, the conclusion reinforces the opening paragraph of your work and does not add another element/argument. A nice touch can be to end on a quotation from a respected thinker that in some way reinforces your point.

3) Citations: To highlight your reading and understanding of the material and give depth to your arguments a great way of doing this is to cross-reference your work (this can include web references, documentary, film, etc.). This is likely to reflect in your overall mark. There are different styles of doing this but the key is to remain consistent once you’ve chosen a style (The Harvard style is the most professionally popular). However citations can be put as footnotes at the end of each page or all together at the end of the work.

4) Bibliography: Every form of written assignment should have a bibliography at the end of the work where you list materials that you have in any way used. There are different styles of approach to this – but this is an example here.

5) Include your name somewhere on your own work.

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