Develop a strategy and a set of recommendations for Guerrilla Games and Sony SCE

Develop a strategy and a set of recommendations for Guerrilla Games and Sony SCE

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Your Assignment – ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’
The pressure is on for Guerrilla Games, as it needs to deliver another strong title for Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). After the financial success and critical acclaim of the Killzone franchise, SCE is looking to convince gamers to stick with the Playstation platform, especially with the recent launch of the PlayStation 4. Your job as Guerrilla Games CEO, Hermen Hulst, is to ensure that Guerrilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment remain ahead of their rivals in the console war. You have decided on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ as your new title to be released to the market.

You will need to develop a strategy for Guerrilla Games and SCE to work with online customers in the arena of product-service delivery and innovation.

In order to develop a set of recommendations for Guerrilla, you will need to consider the following:

? What are the structural consequences of the shift from technology-push to demand-pull? In other words, how should the 4 design challenges be considered in light of this change?

? What is the underlying assumptions vis-à-vis technology underlying the shift from technology-push to demand-pull?

? Who are the dominant selectors in the gaming market and how can SCE and Guerrilla manage their dependence on them?

? What is the importance of the organizational culture of Sony and how could it be a liability or an asset in the reconfiguration of the market as it is now being driven by high level of interaction with the consumers? In other words, how does it navigate the boundaries between its corporate culture and the culture existing in online gaming communities

Rather than answering these issues point by point, you will need to produce an integrated solution where none of these issues (structure, selection, culture and technology) are in conflict with each other but are mutually enhancing.

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