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Essay about: After reading the article “Avoid Group Think” describe ways you can minimize this process from occurring within your organization.

Can you write comments (Seperately) for these two thought and also can you say I agree or disagree:
First thought: As a leader in my organization, to avoid groupthink, I believe that all ideas from each team member should be reviewed by someone outside of the current work group. Within our department groups, leadership will charge the team with finding dates that they will invite someone from the outside of the group to review all ideas. Also we expect that the team leader will request each team member to discuss their idea with someone outside the group then report out to the team during a meeting. This will also give the team an opportunity to effectively examine all ideas and alternatives. Another recommendation would be for the organization to set up several independent groups working on the same problem. After each group has reached the allotted time then the groups should come together to report out their findings.

Groupthink can hinder any group from coming up with a thought-out process especially if leaders express their opinion about the project. I believe leadership should not share or express an opinion when address the group or assigning any tasks. However, in the start of forming a group, a leader should assign each team member with the role of a critical thinker and evaluator. This allows each member to freely discuss objections and doubts.

Second thought: I believe that group think can be avoided by allowing individuals to work on their own when attempting to come up with a solution. By discussing the ideas in an open forum, they see what is looked highly upon and tend to focus in on that or feel as if they are forced to include it and make hinder their creativity in coming up with a solution. Within my organization we discuss ideas with other leaders outside of our sections to see any deficiencies in our plans from an outside perspective. By brining in an outsider we eliminate the biases and break down if it would legitimately work out, or where it needs to be improved.

As other members of the class can atest to, we had an assignment that required us to avoid group thinking. So we had everyone submit their choices and it would be complied into a list anonymously showing which choices occured the most and the final items that had the same occurrences would be put to a discussed vote. Granted it wasn’t a difficult decision making process, but the concepts worked well and we were able to accomplish the task and the additional process of avoiding group think.

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