Draft Doctoral Study Proposal

Draft Doctoral Study Proposal

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Draft Doctoral Study Proposal

During the past seven weeks of this course, you have proposed quantitative and qualitative studies. However, these assignments did not require you to follow the Doctoral Study Rubric requirements. This assignment will require you to develop major components of section one of the doc study according to the DDBA Doctoral Study rubric standards.

Be sure to use the mandatory Week 8 Application Assignment Template Rubric file for this assignment (located in the Rubrics area of the course navigation menu). The template/rubric contains helpful notes that you will remove and replace with your content. The scoring rubric is directly below the application content area. You will submit the entire document, which includes the Application Assignment and rubric. Your Instructor will enter your score in the rubric. You will be able to map your score for each Application criterion directly to the Application.

Your Instructor is required to give you embedded feedback for any areas where you did not receive full credit! Please contact your Instructor regarding “any” criteria from which points were deducted and for which you were not provided embedded feedback in the Application Assignment portion of the graded document.

This final draft must include the following main elements (use the template to ensure you are in compliance):

Problem Statement
Purpose Statement
Central research question (qualitative) or research question(s) (quantitative)
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
Significance of the Study
Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references
Using the doctoral study rubric, Week 8 Application Assignment Template Rubric (located in the Rubrics area of the course navigation menu), and Problem Statement Tutorial, Purpose Statement Tutorial, and Theoretical/Conceptual Framework videos (located in this week’s Learning Resources), write a draft of your own proposal and submit to the assignment area.

It is strongly recommended you review the Week 8 Application Rubric (located at the bottom of the Week 8 Application Assignment Template Rubric document) prior to starting the assignment. Reviewing the rubric requirements will aid you in understanding the content and grading requirements for this assignment.

Note: You must have at least 10 peer-reviewed references listed in proper APA format.

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