Dubai as a Smart city in Logistics

Dubai as a Smart city in Logistics

1/select one of the proposed innovation type ( Technology) 2/select one of the sources of innovation (P. Drucker/ New Knowledge”) 3/select one of the part of smart city ( Logistics) 4/paper to follow academic research methodology 5//1.5 spaced/NTR font 11/

we should combine the technology with new knowledge in having a smart logistics that will add a value to dubai and generates money to me as an innovator person.

New idea should exist in my paper and i would be great if i have figures, charts, diagrams and graphs.

Therefore, my paper should lead to something that might be published in public and a good scientific paper. as i mentioned in point 3 ACADEMIC RESEARCH PAPER ( Qualitative PAPER) i will upload a file that talk about drucker’s point 2 so you can have an overall view of it.

below are few hints you can use them:
1-Table of Contents+ Pagination 2- Abstract 3- Introduction: a- it should not exceed 20% of the total report. b- Why it is important. c- what motivated us to make this project. d-how other had contributed to this field( most prominent people). e- the road map to the rest of the paper. 4- Literature Review minimum 5 articles: a- starts with most recent ones b- summary table at the end of our literature review. 5- Research Problem and Hypothesis: a- Rationale and statement of each hypothesis 6- Methodology: a- Sample and Data collection b-Reliability of Constructs c- Profile of the respondents e- Analysis 7- Techniques used in the analysis and rationale of using them: 1- Descriptive statistics / 2- Inferential statistics 8- Results 9- Conclusion 10- Your findings 11- Their implications for academics and practitioners 12- The limitation of your study >>>>>>>>Acknowledge 13- Venues for further research

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