Develop Your Problem and Situational
For this assignment, please complete a brief lit review (3-4 pages double spaced or so) regarding your topic of interest. Remember to include concepts such as

– An overview / definition of your topic
– How the health problem is caused, who is affected by it, why they are affected (this can be revised to match whatever your health problem is)
– Statistics and costs to prove the severity of the problem
– Where available, other ways / treatments that have tried to modify or fix the health problem

After that describe your situational analysis process through completion of a SWOT analysis. Feel free to use the chart from the slides and move the concepts to one side or the other (or the middle if they could be considered both). After that, describe one or two major factors in each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat categories and how they affect your campaign. At that point you can also describe other situational factors in play if necessary.
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