EDU20005: Sustainable Education Perspective

Assessment overview

For this assessment you are required to write a interpretative essay. Your discussion should be based on research-based evidence, and thus you are required to integrate evidence from scholarly sources to support your argument.

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

Summarise the scope and purpose of educating for a sustainable future
analyse the concept of ecological literacy and articulate the benefits and limitations of being eco-literate.

Assessment details

You are required to write an essay about ‘Ecologising Education’ that specifically addresses the following:

ESSAY QUESTION : “It could be argued that when one thinks deeply about the future, that this thinking provides possibilities to change behaviour in the present. With that in mind: analyse and discuss the benefits and challenges of ecologising education now, and in the future.”

Throughout the essay you will:

Consider the value of ecologising education and teaching sustainable perspectives.
Discuss the potential opportunities and challenges of becoming ecoliterate for teachers, children and young people.
Summarise what you believe can be achieved in education in primary and early childhood.

You must demonstrate clarity and understanding of the topic and offer interpretation of the issues and implications together with a very high level of scholarship. Presentation, format and structure must be of a professional standard.

I just wanted to clarify that this essay is to reference the Australian Education Curriculum, specifically Sustainability in education. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any issues. Thank you so much! You are an amazing help. I have bitten off more than i can chew this semester and your work is fantastic

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