Instructions: While searching the web for forum topics, search for case studies that involve energy pollution problems from its production, use and mitigation measures OR a case study that involves persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic (PBT) substances and mitigation measures. Write a brief (one page minimum) summary of a case study that interests you.

A case study should be about one specific site or incident that occurred…not a generic summary of a topic that interests you. Also, remember that good communication skills (and in particular, writing) are necessary for any pollution manager to document what’s been done, how, when, where, why, and with what results.

Submit your case study summary in the Assignments Section of the classroom for credit. Again…if you did not use this last week to write about a specific case…here is a web site to use:

From this web page, you can search for case studies by Media/Matrix (e.g., sediments, sludge, soils, etc.), by Primary and Supplemental Technologies, by Site Name, or by Location. OR, you can click on “Display All Case Studies” at the bottom of the page. Many of these case studies are located on military installations, but not all. You can also search other sites, but you MUST include the web addresses and citations for journal articles, theses, etc. in your summary and cite them correctly for credit.

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