ENG4U – Research Assignment

ENG4U – Research Assignment
The world’s great writers have carried the responsibility of capturing, defining, and helping us to understand our very humanity. The impact that many writers have had on the course of history is undeniable. Your task for this assignment is to research one of the great authors – William Shakespeare and to present your findings in a well-written and well-organized report.
Part of your task will be defining what literary greatness means, and devising some means of measuring how William Shakespeare meets the criteria you’ve outlined.
The format of a research report needs to be taken into careful consideration as you write. You can follow the website: http://www.jsu.edu/dept/geography/mhill/research/researchf.html for very thorough and detailed information on format. The following sections should be included in your report:
Table of Contents
Abstract (a brief summary of the report, its purpose and findings)
• Purpose
• Assumptions and Limitations
• Definition of Terms
Design of the Study
• Description of Research Design and Procedures used
• Sources of Information and Data
Conclusion and Recommendations for Further Investigation
Reference Section
• Appendix
• Works Cited

Some thoughts:
• While much of your research will likely be web-based, you are expected to have a variety of types of sources. Look at books in the library and literary journals via public library in addition to web-based sources.
• Because this is research, source management is a significant component of your work. You must make ample use of a variety of sources. Each paragraph should demonstrate a synthesis of information from a variety of sources. You need at least three sources for the whole document in a report that effectively reflect an academic approach to the material.
• ALL information taken from researched sources MUST be cited according to MLA format. Failure to do so will prevent your paper from being assigned a grade.
• One of the most important parts of the report will be your definition of literary greatness. It is vital that this part of the report is strong, and you are going to present how and why that William Shakespeare’s greatness has had a significant cultural, linguistic, and social impact.
Methods of Proof – These are the ways in which you can support your thesis. A variety of methods are suggested to better strengthen and support your paper:
Method Used Because…
Facts Readers cannot argue or dispute facts because they are true and verifiable.
Statistics Readers are trained to believe ‘science’ and ‘numbers’ (data from studies) in society. (Statistics MUST have a source to be verifiable)
Expert Testimony Quotations from experts in the field of study reveal that the thesis is applicable. Again, readers are conditioned to believe experts.
Personal Experience Readers find it difficult not to believe the author’s own personal experiences which support the thesis.
Literary Reference When an author refers to other books or articles which also support his or her thesis, it adds credibility to the argument. This is persuasion by consensus.
Historical References When the author discusses how the thesis held true in another place or era, readers believe that the thesis will be true again.

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