english literature

english literature

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master program in English literature and it has been required an essay in the subject of literature of at least 5000 word. I need the file of the essay a PDF format. i hope i get the essay on time before the deadline otherwise i would loose alot. Some of the Programme Structure and Content:

Semester 1 (Autumn) – Late August to Mid-January Obligatory Courses Literature and Theory Scholarly Writing in Literary Theory and Criticism Elective Courses Contemporary Irish Fiction American Fiction: 1960s to the Present Exile in African Writing in English Modern, Postmodern and Postcolonial Studies The Body and Desire in Contemporary Irish Poetry

The content of the essay and the method used should be relevant to the above programm.just choose one of the subjects above or choose any subject relevent to discuss it in detail in the essay.referenses are very important.

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