Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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Please find the attached task and case studies here with.
Task: Priority Presentation

You will undertake an overarching prioritisation process for the 12 case studies presented below. You should assume that you are a qualified Environmental Health Practitioner and that you have been presented with all 12 cases on a Monday morning. You are to consider how you would deal with these complaints and how you would prioritise your response. You should provide a prioritised list giving details of your rationale for prioritising your response and highlighting the order in which you would deal with these cases. Your justification of your prioritisation of the 12 case studies is key to this process and you should make this clear by explaining the criteria and the system you used to prioritise the cases. You will need to make assumptions and these should be clearly identified within your argument.

Case Study 1 –
Received in person
Name: Mrs Joan Crawford

Address: 35 Seaport Lane

Tel: 01235 676754
Regarding: The Flying Whistle Public House Seaport Lane
Details of complaint

Noise from “pop” groups. Customers leaving late at night shouting and swearing, banging car doors both in the street and in the car park. Stereos in cars blaring. Mrs Crawford is very angry and is compiling a petition to send to her MP
The Flying Whistle Public House 41 Seaport Lane, Seaport

Owner: Wutherspleens Inns PLC 42 The Vicarage Bentley

Visited premises 6 months ago in connection with a noise complaint from Mrs Newbiggin of 33 Seaport Lane re discos on Weds evenings. Manager Mr D’Arcy interviewed who denied that there was any problem. Admitted that DJ holds a session there every Weds evening but assured EHP that music stopped at 10.30pm

Visited Mrs Newbiggin by appointment a few days later to make observations between 21.30 and 22.40. No readings taken as music barely audible in front bedroom. Music stopped at 22.32. Agreed with complainant that not nuisance. NFA unless contacted again.

Recent notification from Mr D’Arcy that now serving bar snacks.

Case Study 2

Received by phone
Name: Major Bryn Sutherland OBE

Address: The Mansion The Lane Muckfields

Tel: 01336 774454
Regarding: Mole Farm, The Lane, Muckfields
Details of complaint

Complaining about cesspool overflowing again. Really fed up
Farm owned by local family Mr and Mrs Moore. Activities at the farm have diversified into pony trekking/outdoors leisure activities, children’s farm and activity centre and B&B.

Regular history of sewage from cesspool overflowing across The Lane into the small watercourse (Burnham Brook)
No record on file of any risk assessment of the leisure activities

Case Study 3
Received by Letter
Name: Mrs Ferreira

Address: 14 The Avenue West

Tel: O1376 276543
Regarding: Mexico Petrol Station
High Street Wuthering
Details of complaint
Diesel oil leaking from diesel tank onto complainants property
Mexico Filling and Service Station

Owned By: Freddy Moon (franchisee)
76 Upper Wutheringside Wuthering

Manager John Barford

OHS inspection carried out 19.07.15. Principal activities: petroleum, LPG sales, retail, confectionery, videos, car wash.

Number of employees: 7 Premises graded: High Risk
Hazards: LPG, Petroleum Spirits, pressure systems

Inspectors comments:
Fore court lighting defective: referred to Petroleum Officer for comment LPG storage: renew signage which was faded
Empty LPG cylinders in ladies toilets Mobile heater used to heat premises
OHS policy and risk assessment need to be updated: COSSH on petroleum
LPG storage Security/safety at night
Rear diesel filing area for HGVs heavily stained

Premises run down but no imminent health and safety risks apart from LPG in female toilets. Improvement notice to be served if LPG not moved in 24 hours. Informal warning given.
See attached letter below

Case Study 4
Details: Received by phone
Name: Mrs Bates
Address: 666 High Road Maltby
Tel: not on phone
Regarding: see below and attached
Details of complaint

Condensation and mould in her flat. Son asthmatic and see is frantic that housing condition affecting her and her child. Wants to be rehoused.
The property is a system built high rise tower with 170 x 2 and 3 bed flats originally built by Wuthering Heights DC in 1955 to accommodate local people displaced from the slum clearance areas. The block was transferred from the LA along with the other 4 tower blocks on the estate to Chadwick Mutual Housing Association.

The block is run done and renovation exceeds financial capabilities of the housing association. It may be demolished if a suitable finance package can be secured.
There is a history of fuel poverty due to inadequate thermal insulation (SAPS are about 37). Premises history shows lots of EPA Section 82 action by tenants when property was owned by LA and limited response by LA to resolve problems…but these did not work.

Housing Association unwilling to do any works until can secure monies for refurbishment or demolition.
FAX Wuthering Tenants Rights
To: Environmental Health From: Ivor Y. Cullen Re 666 High Road
Mrs Bates has complained to us about a serious problem, which is affecting her and her son’s health. The problem is of condensation throughout her flat and although some minor works have been done to improve ventilation, there is no change in the incidence of mould and fungal growths in the external walls and around the windows in her flat

The problem is causing her serious health problems. Mrs Bates’ son is missing school and is on medication for asthma.

If you or the L/L do not respond to the situation we will appoint an independent EHP to inspect the flat to consider whether:

There is a statutory nuisance present
Whether private action should be instigated on the tenants behalf against the L/L Whether proceedings should be commenced against the LA for failure to action conditions prejudicial to health under Section 79 EPA

We expect to see urgent action taken.

Case Study 5

Received in person
Name: Mrs Ryan

Address: Flat 6 (top floor)
59 Raleigh Avenue Wuthering

Regarding: see below
Details of complaint
Roof leaking into bedroom and kitchen. L/L will not do anything, please contact urgently
Owner Max Rent Ltd c/c Charge a Lot Accountants, Cheapside, Seaport

The property is a 19th century 4 storey HMO with 8 bedsits sharing facilities and 1 self contained basement flat. Majority of tenants on housing benefit and income support.

Regular history of neglect e.g.rubbish blocking Fire Escape and hallway, accumulations in rear garden and in light well. Last inspected in 2013 when works in default carried out in respect of emergency notice for leaking roof (patch and mend)

Case Study 6

Received by letter
Name: Mr Haynes
Address: 21c Alpha Street. Onslow Tel:
Details of complaint

• To: Environmental Health From Dr Brown (Onslow Surgery)

CC: Director of Public Health (Wuthering PCT)
My patient Mr Haynes consulted me this morning in a highly distressed state complaining of red bites all over his body. He informs me he recently took up residence at the above address. On examination I think we have a case of parasites, possibly bed bugs.

Mr Haynes says he has not seen anything until he turned the mattress over when he saw lots of things like brown ladybirds disappear into the mattress.

He is highly distressed, can you investigate.
Owner Max Rent Ltd c/c Charge a Lot Accountants, Cheapside, Seaport

History of neglect. Premises used to house refugees and homeless households on a short term basis.

Last inspected in June of last year for blocked drains. Premises not registered.

Case Study 7

Received by phone
Name: Richard Compton
Address: 48, Maltby Drive. Bilgeham Tel: 0130 43972
Regarding:‘ Speedy Fit Tyre Company. ‘ 2 High Street, Bilgeham
Details of complaint

Mr Compton was having a tyre replaced when racking in the service bay collapsed. No one injured, but Mr Compton shaken up. Manager climbing over racking to continue serving customers. Can EHO please visit.
2 High Street, Bilgeham

Premises occupied by Speedy Fit Tyre Company Limited, 2 High Street, Bilgeham. Manager and owner Mr Geoff Haynes.

Health and Safety inspection carried out on 19/4/2013 No. of employees: 3
Premises graded: medium risk
Hazards: Pressure system, racking, welding

Inspectors comments:

1. PPE required for fitters;

Gloves to prevent contact dermatitis from synthetic oils and rubbers. Full face masks for use when welding.

2. Health and Safety policy not required but some information for employees on hazards required.

3. Improve storage of tyres, additional stock now being carried which is overwhelming the storage system. Additional racking required plus overhaul of existing racking e.g. check fixing to walls and ceilings etc. and load limits.

All points dealt with informally.

Case Study 8

Received in person
Name: Mrs Richardson
Address: 42, Hill Side. Chadwick Tel: 0130 24575
Regarding: ‘Annie’s Bakery.’ 10 Cheapside, Chadwick
Details of complaint

Metal bolt inside wholemeal loaf of bread – loaf in office freezer. Tag no. 0103670/a Mrs Richardson not happy with conditions in the shop either. Want formal action taken.

Annie’s Bakeries (Chadwick) Ltd 10 Cheapside, Chadwick
Tel: 0130 49368

Annie’s Bakeries (UK) Ltd
Reg. Office Units 1 – 10 Redhill Trading Estate, Harmondsbury Tel: 0190 48593

Annie’s Bakery serves bread, pastries and snack foods produced by it’s own central manufacturing site at Harmondsbury. The retail premises is supplied with fresh produce daily and cooks freshly made pies on a daily basis for take away sale.
Food Hygiene Inspection Sheet and hazard rating sheet attached. Authorised Officers Comments:
Food Hygiene training arranged for servery staff.
Minor repairs required to shop floor.
Heating and serving arrangements for pies/pasty’s etc inadequate – poor temperature control and potential for cross contamination with raw sausages. Storage arrangements for deliveries poor as potential for contamination as frequently left outside shop before it opens.

Case Study 9

Received by phone
Name: Robin Cook
Address: 18 Brynport Road. Onslow Tel: 0130 49616
Regarding: New Thai House Restaurant. 10 Main Street, Onslow
Details of complaint

Mr Cook saw bowls of cooked rice in water being stored outside in rear yard, uncovered, on the refuse bins. EHO please visit.
10 Main Street, Chadwick New Thai House Restaurant
Owner: Mr C. Lee, 10 Main Street, Onslow

The premises is a small terraced shop with flats above. It is a family run restaurant serving meals for consumption on the premises and take away.

See food hygiene sheets attached. Inspectors comments:
1st inspection, opened 2 months ago:
Language a problem, no training for basic food handling skills e.g. Mr and Mrs Lee. Premises dilapidated, inadequate storage.
Possibly a cockroach infestation – traps left
All food fried/boiled which reduces some risks but works required to provide:
1. New preparation surfaces
2. Washable preparation overalls
3. More chilled storage
4. Additional storage
5. Training

Improvement Notice served for items 1, 3, & 4.

Case Study 10

Details Received by fax
Name: Dr Brown
Address: South Side Community Centre – see fax attached Tel: 0130 685323
Regarding: Food poisoning outbreak
Details of complaint

2 patients confirmed Salmonella, phage type not yet confirmed – tests yet to complete at Chadwick General Hospital Labs – results in next 48 hours.

Both patients ate cold buffet at Bryn Cricket Club AGM at Chadwick Valley National Sports Centre 2 days ago.

Patient 1 – Lisa Spice, food handler at TFI Saturday’s, Departure Lounge, Chadwick Int Airport. Address 43, Smithson Drive, Chadwick 0130 56743

Patient 2 – Bernard Hardy, address 13, France Road, Chadwick 0130 48593, Bryn Cricket Club Secretary.

Apparently about 80 people attended function and ate buffet supplied by the contract caterers at the National Sports Centre, other suspected to have been affected.

Case Study 11

Received by phone
Name: Mr Finnegan

Address: 17 The Hole Seaport

Tel: 01253 345476
Regarding: Ware House Warehousing The Hole
Details of complaint
Saw 16 year old driving fork lift truck on the road. Driver was weaving about all over the place and is worried that will damage his car or have an accident

Premises stores windscreens for cars and sends them around the world. Huge area of racking and lots of different FLTs and order pickers. Noted that use petrol, and LPG powered FLTs

Last inspection 2013 High Risk: Hazards from FLTs, Manual Handling, COSSH from packaging materials, storage of LPG and petroleum spirits

Issues found were overloading of racking (Improvement notice served) Risk Assessments for moving and handling poor…advice given
LPG storage poorly sited…..confirmed that they would redesign site in new year (2013) with view to moving LPG storage.

Case Study 12
Received by phone
Name: Mr T. Blair

Address: 10 The Downing

Tel: Not given
Regarding: Went to a tyre and exhaust fitter with his young children (4 in number) and was worried about the fact that the operatives were welding whilst smoking cigarettes and that welding the bottom of boot where petrol is stored. Also worried about tyre fitting bay where seems to be very hazardous process and bits fly off everywhere
Details of complaint

Quick Fit Fitters 123 The Hyde Wuthering

National chain, but older and smaller converted premises.

Last visit revealed issues with guarding to tyre fitting equipment,
Poor storage of exhausts along with issues of manual handling of tyres and exhausts.
Poor storage of chemicals.

Improvement notice served but all matters complied with on return. Due for re-inspection every 3 years.

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