Evaluate Marxist critiques of liberal democracy.

Evaluate Marxist critiques of liberal democracy.

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This is my second order, as previous writer was found to have plagarised and was penalised for putting me in that predicement. I strongly suggest that the essay be written with only the literature I will list below, and no further examples from blogs, example essays or anything found on the internet.

Essay requirement:

Answering the question: the extent to which the work has dealt directly and clearly with the assigned task and provided a focused answer to the particular intellectual problem posed.

Structure: the extent to which the work demonstrates coherent organization of the material and an overall argument that proceeds logically from introduction to conclusion.

Conceptual clarity: the extent to which the work has understood key terms and concepts, defined ambiguous terms, and employed them correctly.

Analytic Content: the extent to which the work provides a critical analysis of the problem that evaluates competing arguments and interpretations rather than a purely descriptive or narrative discussion.

Literature: the extent to which the work demonstrates familiarity with, and command of, the relevant scholarly writings on the subject to which the work is addressed.

Evidence and Examples: the extent to which the work deploys apposite examples and pieces of evidence to support its claims, thereby turning unsupported assertions into critical arguments.

Style and Presentation: the extent to which the work makes effective and correct use of the English language, is clearly and soberly written, and tidily presented.

Dahl, Limits and possobilities of democracy.
chapter 15.

David Held, Models of Democracy.

Schumpeter, J. (1943) Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Marxism and the International, Alex Callinicos.

Hague, R. and M. Harrop (2013) Comparative Government and Politics, 9th edition (Basingstoke: Palgrave). Ch. 16.

Linz, J.J. (1990) ‘The perils of presidentialism’, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 1, No. 1, 51-69.

Kitschelt 1990


Singh 2003

Hodder-Williams, Richard, ‘The US Constitution’ in R. Singh, (ed.) (2003) Governing America (Oxford: O.U.P .).

If you feel you require more literature, in addition with the ones I have mentioned above, only use univeristy level literature, books or journals which you are able to cite. I stress, nothing from the internet, nothing plagarised otherwise I shall submit another complaint and provide the necessary proof as I found in my previous paper.

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