fallen leader

fallen leader

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Legal/Ethical Case Study—Fallen Leader
The individual unethical decisions of leaders not only impact their lives, but the organization as a whole. Choose a “fallen leader” with an organization (national or international) in your concentration area.
The Assignment:
1. Give an overview of the “fallen leader’s” individual and organizational background.
2. Briefly describe the situation surrounding the “fallen leader’s” unethical/illegal behavior.
3. Describe the challenges faced by the “fallen leader” as well as the ethical unethical/illegal behavior.
4. Describe the individual and organizational consequences of the unethical/illegal behavior.
5. Give 3-4 recommendations/suggestions on how the situation could have been approached from a more ethical point of view. Include an overview of relevant ethical policies/procedures, laws and or guidelines that should be applied in as “best practices” in your case.

Assignment Details
1. Chosen “fallen leader” should be in the field/industry within your Concentration Area.
2. There should be between 4-5 sources to support the recommendations section. Cite all references with reliable sources and list a reference page in APA at the end of the presentation.

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