Female Leadership in higher education in the UAE

Female Leadership in higher education in the UAE

Order Description
My literature Review should be on female leadership in higher education.
Please focus on higher education!!! Also higher education in the UAE!!!

I have a list of themes to guide you in writing the literature review
1) Challenges/ Barriers women face in leadership
2) Stereotype and leadership styles
3) Lifestyle conflicts women face
4)Selection process
4) Leadership in UAE
5) how to overcome the barriers
6) Globalization
7) Internal motivation -women
8) workplace relationships with women

Rules for writing:

1) Please follow “Cite them right” citation from https://www.citethemrightonline.com/

2) Please use a variety of sentence starters for example:

3) Please do not use first person!

4) Please try to synthesise arguments from a variety of sources and support the work.

5) Use UK spelling only!

6) Please do not use reference sources more than 10 years old unless source is very important and famous in leadership and higher education.

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