Final Case Study Project

Final Case Study Project
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The Final Case Study Project should be a 8 page analysis ( sending 4 so need 4 more) of a psychotherapy case study from start to finish. The Theoretical Conceptualization Report from courseroom Unit 4 should be further developed and integrated into this final case study. Refer back as needed to the assignment and subsequent feedback you received in courseroom Unit 4.(will be attaching that)

Project Components

In your Final Case Study Project, you will integrate the written conceptualization of the imaginary client you created in Unit 4 into this project by completing the following (each one under its own level 2 heading):

Provide introductory information about the client Age, ethnicity, gender, maybe background in childhood)

Provide a biopsychosocial history.(attaching one but just include details in essay dont need to fill out form just sending it so you know what it is

Assess barriers to establishing a connection with the client on the basis of personality factors, diagnostic
issues, or life issues.

Assess relevant ethical and cultural issues with this particular client. Explain your theoretical approach in this case.

Detail the expected stages of therapy in this case.

Demonstrate how your clinical interventions could be effective in working with this particular client toward the goals you and the client have developed together.

Writing Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Length of paper: 8 typed, double-spaced pages.

APA formatting: Use APA style in your report, and include a title page, page headers and numbers, proper spacing, proper headings, and proper margins. Refer to the Additional APA Resources page on iGuide (linked in the Resources) for additional support.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

Additional requirement: Each project component is correctly labeled using level 2 headings. The introduction and conclusion will use a level 1 heading.

Please remember with REBT is a form of therapy and a philosophy we dont give advice with REBT. Read on it so you know what to include in it. Thank you!

Sources are 2 more added to the ones on the theoretical paper. Use them all

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