financial plan based on your ( My business, i am the Owner) start-up budget and anticipated revenue over 3 years. Need First year in 12 months and followed by 2 years wholly

financial plan based on your ( My business, i am the Owner) start-up budget and anticipated revenue over 3 years. Need First year in 12 months and followed by 2 years wholly

Paper details:

The assignment is about financial plan which should be done in Excel sheet.
The paper is about the financial plan of a start-up company. My start-up business is Image consultancy which you had done for me. So i need a realistic, feasible financial plan in an excel file. You need to explain how you arrived on such figures as well. You need to produce financial projections of funding, expenses, Profit and loss, Balance sheets and forecasts. It should not be done favouring the business idea. I mean coming up with a humungous profit in the initial month is not possible, then take care of start-up cost and start-up expense and everything should be real. Dont forget to think of GDP, Start-up cost should be really fine…

It should be 3 excel sheets: startup cost like rent, electricity, internet , van in one is profit and loss statement and the last one balance sheet forcast. Note that the first year should be in 12 months and next two years in year calculation is only needed.

Everything should be in NZ$ and tax calculations and all
Online is not feasible. I think there is a need for office space. need a shop i guess..and this should be considered for finance..likewise the competitve advantage..if there is no competitive advantage, there is no point in doing the business.
Before that the writer should confirm how he is going to do the business via online…if the customer wants to apply makeup or check the cosmetics. Hows it going to happen through online.
Based on this only there can be a financial plan
He gotta answer the competetive advantage and needs a shop in Nelson or not. So how is it different from others. After answering this only he can start with the new order or financial paln
The writer can even come up with a new idea thats got demand here, which can potentialy got solutions to fix clients problems and possess competitive advantages over competitors and how is the business gonna make profit. These are the question the tutor generally asks.
This online image consultancy will be unique due to its ease of getting consultancy services at the click of buttons unlike most firms whom engage customers physically. I will create a website different from the usual ones as it will have a press kit, which include various things like professional photos, biography. A video Skype will be created on the website where clients can communicate with the consultant effectively, which is different from other existing service providers that only communicate through chat windows. I will need to employ only one professional image consultant with vast experience in the field to render quality services. There will also be a bonus given to any client who brings another, which competitors do not offer.
The growing demand for self-confidence in terms of image, especially among New Zealand women is an opportunity for a wider client base. The consultancy fee should be paid online via online payment services, since the charges will be listed on the website. With the most appropriate method consisting of down payments before the service and the rest after the completion of the request.

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